July 4

The Conservative Feminist Show – Anything goes folks, really!


Yeah, it’s been a wild week.

No, there’s no telling what will be the topics of discussion tonight.

Well, there’s always a mid-stream review of the next iteration of the EVIL Fifty Shades – honestly, this might be “THE” review, since it’s that painful…. again.

No, we’re not going to talk about the same-sex marriage thing. Yes, we might talk about why someone on this show cannot come out against polygamists wanting marriage licenses next.

Then there’s always the Bitcoin for prostitution deal. Nope, can’t make this stuff up, folks!

Also, if everyone behaves, there will be a preview of an upcoming installment on #GamerGate – and this one might have everyone ready to kill the writer. Both sides, really! (Yes, it is relevant because it involves how to stop whiny leftist feminists!)

Then there’s always “tablet swimming” – yes that was just made up for tonight! What is that? Well, that’s when we pull out the handy dandy purple covered “definitely not an iPad” tablet, open up the favorite news reader, and click on the “Sex” section. In case you’re wondering, this mystical news reader goes to all the world for sex stories… no kidding! Really! And it seems to have an affinity for kinky stuff – just what we love here in #kinkservative land!

July 4

Bitcoin Is Getting Sexier


Filed under “unintended consequences,” it looks like Bitcoin is going to become the preferred currency for prostitution – at least where Backpage.com is concerned. Yes, thanks to Visa, MasterCard and American Express refusing to carry transactions for Backpage.com, Bitcoin is getting the nod.

The whole reason why the credit card companies bowed out of taking these transactions in the first place was to slow down sex trafficking. While this is arguably a good thing, as long as one is assuming that the people being trafficked were not exactly consenting, no one should be surprised at the fact that the consumers are finding another way to get the “goods.” The serious question for law enforcement that lobbied the credit card companies to stop doing the transactions is “did you really think that stopping real money from making it into the virtual world would stop virtual sales of sex?” Yes, it was absolutely predictable that Backpage.com would opt for the Bitcoin option.

So, back to the drawing board boys.

Otherwise, here’s hoping Bitcoin doesn’t get too much of a black eye over this one…

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May 30

Random Social Media Shot of the Day


Offered with very little comment.

Ok, yes… if these came from the same person, I would be screaming hypocrisy.

However, I will say that many times when I post something provocative on Facebook, the people that scream about the evils of sex are usually among the masses that make questionable comments on the sexy content on my timeline.

That apparently is “sexuality conservative-style.”

Yes, I know that may very well cause some people to think they might not want to follow me anymore. If the reasons for unfollowing me have to do with being prudish, or being guilty of this hypocrisy, maybe that’s for the best.

All I know is that this isn’t “atypical” in my newsfeed. I can find this sort of thing on any given day – any time of day. Food for thought?


May 30

The Conservative Feminist Show – Dueling Authors Night!


Ok, so there probably won’t be too much dueling, except maybe between your regular co-hosts, as usual.

But, there will be a guest – author Michael Makai. (He is the one that Liz will point you to, if you’re wanting to know more about BDSM.)

So, in hour one, there will definitely be #kinkservative talk! Also, you all get to hear what happens when VLR’s resident submissive ends up on the air with a Dominant – and no, we’re not offering any predictions here, because it simply hasn’t happened before!

Hour two?

We must feed the Rand Paul Obsession, and keep Moriah happy.

Then there is sex on campus – and no sex on campus. If that’s not enough, how about the outrage over the mansplaining statue?

Of course, there’s also the walking around in public or waiting for your kid on the sidewalk near school can get you arrested deal.

Parting shot? There’s always Carlos Danger and his talk about ‘PP’ – which reminds us of this:

May 28

Bernie Sanders and the Truth About Sexual Fantasies


Bernie Sanders is a fringe candidate at best – one could say he makes Ron Paul look like a mainstream moderate. That said, he’s about as relevant in the upcoming presidential elections as the town dog catcher. But, that fact isn’t going to stop the “moral outrage” from the right about an essay he wrote in 1972.

Sure, the opening lines are provocative. Placing the essay in its era, and recognizing the fact that Sanders wrote this as a disaffected youth that had already struck out at least more than once in the world of meaningful relationships with women, it’s really not so strange. If I put on my literary publisher cap from years gone, I’d have to say I wouldn’t have published it – “too much navel-gazing, and overwrought emotionalism” would have been scrawled on it in red ink. Honestly, Sanders wrote like a girl.

Mother Jones was kind, because they bothered to suggest that Sanders may have been influenced by Sigmund Freud. I’d wager it was more Kinsey and whiskey, than anything else. I’m also not buying the excuse offered by his campaign to Jake Tapper – nothing satirical about this essay.

As for the self-righteous outrage coming from the right, I call bullsh**.

Sanders is guilty of poor writing skills, and putting pen to paper when he was drunk on alcohol, angst, or both. But, he didn’t lie.

The fact is that women do fantasize about rape. No, this isn’t a new development, either. It dates back to ancient times. Doubt that? Take a course on classic art!

For those that are too lazy to take a look at the link on women fantasizing about rape, from Psychology Today:

But rape fantasies raise thorny issues. Many women who have them can’t shake the feeling that they are abnormal or perverted.

From 1973 through 2008, nine surveys of women’s rape fantasies have been published. They show that about four in 10 women admit having them (31 to 57 percent) with a median frequency of about once a month. Actual prevalence of rape fantasies is probably higher because women may not feel comfortable admitting them.

For the latest report (Bivona, J. and J. Critelli. “The Nature of Women’s Rape Fantasies: An Analysis of Prevalence, Frequency, and Contents,” Journal of Sex Research (2009) 46:33), psychologists at North Texas University asked 355 college women: How often have you fantasized being overpowered/forced/raped by a man/woman to have oral/vaginal/anal sex against your will?

Sixty-two percent said they’d had at least one such fantasy. But responses varied depending on the terminology used. When asked about being “overpowered by a man,” 52 percent said they’d had that fantasy, the situation most typically depicted in women’s romance fiction. But when the term was “rape,” only 32 percent said they’d had the fantasy. These findings are in the same ballpark as previous reports.

Frequency of rape fantasies varied substantially. Thirty-eight percent of respondents never had them. Of those who did, 25 percent reported such fantasies less than once a year. Thirteen percent had them a few times a year, 11 percent once a month, 8 percent once a week, and 5 percent several times a week. (Twenty-one percent of the respondents said they’d been sexually assaulted in real life.)

Rape fantasies can be either erotic or aversive. In erotic fantasies, the woman thinks: “I’m being forced and I enjoy it.” In aversive fantasies, she thinks: “I’m being forced and I hate it.” Forty-five-percent of the women in the recent survey had fantasies that were entirely erotic. Nine percent were entirely aversive. And 46 percent were mixed.

As for the contention that men desire to see women subjugated, excuse me as I lean back and yawn.

No, there isn’t anything wrong with what Sanders wrote, at least when it comes to accuracy of content. His writing sucks – severely. But that’s a matter of literary taste. He’s guilty of crimes against rhetoric, not against women. It’s most likely that he doesn’t agree with what he wrote back then – his opinion probably shifted within weeks or months of when it was originally published. Bottom line is that his thought processes probably shifted at least enough to make the Puritanical portions of the right-wing satisfied as soon as he managed to get laid. Enjoy the irony of that if you like. As for trying to crucify him for what he said then, since the essay didn’t suggest that we need to legalize rape or force women to take to their knees in the presence of men, I’d say we’re safe. Sanders has far more dangerous concepts rattling around in his old skull. Let’s stick to worrying about them, shall we?

May 22

The Conservative Feminist Show – Sex, Drugs, & Rock’n’Roll


So I was talking to a new reader of mine last night (a libertarian, BTW) who likes badass women. Am I sensing a trend here, libertarian dudes ♥ badass women? (Heavens, I hope so.) Anyway, we were talking about feminism and romance novels again, and so now I present you Looking Through a Paradigm Darkly: Was Dominque’s rape in The Fountainhead actually rape? Why … or why not? Discuss. There will be a quiz on the show tonight.

Speaking of badass women, we have the woman who ate Chernobyl’s apples. Now, I do not know why I have an unnatural semi-obsession with Chernobyl except that it looks like a fabulous movie set (but it’s real!) (OMG!), but apparently I’m not the only one. Yeah, this chick’ll die young. So did Marie Curie, but the pioneers always take the arrows. Bad. Ass.

My inner grammar nazi and my inner artiste is going a round or two on this one. UBC student writes 52,438 word architecture dissertation with no punctuation — not everyone loved it. So here’s the deal: It’s an ARCHITECTURE dissertation. My inner artiste loves the symbolism of it, the art of it, making you look at words and dissect it, study it, work a bit at it. My inner grammar nazi is saying ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?!

Rape. Oh, rape. The word that has become commodified beyond meaning. A stolen kiss is rape. A naughty joke is rape. A rape accusation that stands unquestioned. Statement from family of Columbia student accused by mattress girl. Look, I was on this chick’s side if she really was raped and this was the only way she could get attention. But now, especially in light of the Rolling Stone story, I just can’t. This has set rape victims everywhere back by light years. I vote offering a gun and range time to every XX coed. The standard would be: If you refused a gun, you consented to sex. There. That’s your new contract.

Be prepared for Rand Paul squeal. Oh, hell, I shouldn’t even have to say that by now. Congressional leaders were blindsided by GOP opposition to renewing the Patriot Act. Ya think?

People are freaking out over this photo of a woman being walked around on a leash. Fifty Shades of Grey doesn’t look so great when you come face-to-face with the real deal, does it now? Is that a tail plug or shoes? Poseurs.

Now, look. We all know that conservatives are uptight about sex, right? Um … Well. Uptight about talking about it anyway. Libertarians not so much, I suppose. We here at the #Kinkservative show talk about it. Submit your questions to us via FB (Liz Harrison and/or Moriah Jovan) or Twitter (@GoldwaterGal and/or @MoriahJovan). We’ll answer them. We are 100% correct 100% of the time.

And this just in from Liz: “Playlist of the day is the dude that has no shame, and mostly sings about sex. Hehehehe!” Not sure how this differentiates him from rappers, but I haven’t listened yet, mostly because I’m rushing to get this up and I hate Spotify. I’ll see if I can catch him on YouTube.

Still pissy about conservatives acting like progressive statist asshats. I didn’t link anything because the list is so, so depressingly long.

Possibly on the agenda: Josh Duggar. And here I thought the few bad checks in my early 20s was going to come back to haunt me in a bad way.

Smoking Weed Can Cause Vaginal Dryness, Because “Cotton Vagina” Is A Real Thing. That is what lube is for.

Join us for sex toy roulette from Adam & Eve tonight at 10EDT on the Conservative Feminist Show here on Vigilant Liberty Radio. And chat with us!

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May 22

See that chick on a leash?


Sure, it looks odd, and there are probably at least a few mental health professionals that would say this is absolutely wrong. However, while they might want to claim this is “public humiliation,” the pictures tell a different story.

That woman is smiling. She isn’t cowering in fear of that man walking her on a leash. While most people probably won’t “get” what it’s all about, if this isn’t just a prank, that girl is probably enjoying the situation.

Fact is when it comes to submissives, they get a charge out of doing things for their dominants. There’s an endorphin-style rush, and some even get a great deal of sexual pleasure out of it. The easiest thing to compare it with is the rush that entertainers get from performing. While people in show business feed off the applause of an audience, the submissive at least feeds off the approval of the dominant. In cases like this, the woman might even get a little bit of the “buzz” performers get, too.

Personally, I wouldn’t do this, but I get where she could be coming from by doing this. I enjoy it when I make people “uncomfortable” with how I act in public. It’s a rush for me when I get glares from women watching me wait on the man I’m with at an event.

Since I’m not seeing this woman behave like she’s embarrassed, or being forced to be on a leash, I’d have to say this isn’t filed under “public humiliation.” She’s just different.

May 20

Valencia College Teaching Sex Abuse?


Valencia College in Orlando, Fla., hit the headlines because of a lawsuit that was filed on behalf of two unnamed students. The problem was with the practices in their Medical Diagnostic Sonography program that required female students to submit to transvaginal ultrasound – a procedure that includes inserting a probe into the vagina. The college remained silent on the issue of the lawsuit that was filed last week, at least until earlier this week. However, their response is less than satisfying.

“The use of volunteers – including fellow students – for medical sonography training is a nationally accepted practice.

Valencia’s sonography program has upheld the highest standards with respect to ultrasound scanning for educational purposes, including voluntary participation and professional supervision by faculty in a controlled laboratory setting.

Nonetheless, we continue to review this practice and others to ensure that they are effective and appropriate for the learning environment.”

According to allegations listed in the complaint filed in Federal Court, submitting to the testing was anything but voluntary. Students supposedly were threatened with poor grades and blacklisting in the field of medical diagnostic sonography in general. While practicing ultrasound procedures in the classroom is nationally accepted, it is not typical for students to practice transvaginal ultrasounds on each other. According to course descriptions at the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) in Pennsylvania, students do practice ultrasounds on each other, but not internally. Hands-on learning of transvaginal ultrasound procedures is apparently conducted during clinical time in a medical facility, not the classroom lab in the CCAC program. The Valencia College program requirement page is no longer available on the web as of this writing, but when it was available, did not appear to state exactly which diagnostic tests students would perform in the lab.

One part of the complaint also alleged that the plaintiffs had to be “sexually stimulated” on at least one occasion, so that the probe could be used on them. Sexual contact with patients by medical personnel in general is strictly forbidden, so this means that if this allegation is proven accurate, Valencia College will probably have bigger problems than just this single lawsuit.

In an environment where talk of rape culture is prevalent, it is difficult to think that a college or technical school would consider such an irresponsible practice. However, the lawsuit paperwork included a map of the laboratory where this allegedly occurred, which included what appeared to be a permanent work station with condoms and lubricant – items required for conducting these tests. Just having students test each other in this way, voluntarily or not, could be considered sexual abuse. Adding on the possibility that students were engaging in sexual behavior of any kind during the procedures makes that definitely the case. If these “lessons” have been ongoing for multiple terms in the past, the unfortunate fact is that Florida medical facilities may need to take a hard look at past graduates of Valencia College’s medical diagnostic sonography program working in their facilities, to ensure they are not engaging in inappropriate behaviors with patients.

May 16

The Conservative Feminist Show – Is it live or is it Memorex?



So I’m a little slow with today’s post due to various and sundry weirdness like walking through the rain and then finding out my internet was down and then seeing this:

Sandra Fluke: “I’d rather be a captive Nigerian girl than touched by a Republican” You can’t always tell it’s parody until you’re halfway through the article.

But is also pretty much sums up today’s link roundup because so far as I can tell the rest aren’t parody.

Student sues university after twice failing to pass course.

Why do people need a trigger warning for stories about swans raping girls? Hrmph. I guess when I put it that way… Classical Mythology Too Triggering for Columbia Students.

Meet the Vagina Voters. Except they really aren’t. if you vote for carly fiorina you need to reevaluate literally every single decision you’ve ever made.

Ah, sweet schadenfreude. Jezebel got trolled by Rolling Stone. See, this is why confirmation bias is bad.

I’m giving props to New Republic on this one: Life is Triggering. The best literature should be too.

And lastly, if you are a one-issue perfection conservative or libertarian or hybrid, and refuse to back a candidate because s/he is not pure: fuck you.

Tonight’s safe word is twatwafflecumberfuck because that’s my go-to safe word when I’m out of ideas.

May 8

Some Parents Should Not Teach Their Kids About Sex



The Mommy Page has a story about parents that taught their kids about sex by letting them watch. Of course, it’s likely that either this is fabricated, or at the very least, is being told with false names attached. It is difficult to wrap one’s mind around the concept that anyone would think it would be a “good” idea to let a 7 and 10 year-old watch adults have sex for any reason. It’s doubly shocking, since this particular tale offered the additional details that beyond a single incident, the parents decided to let the kids watch whenever they wanted, including when the parents engaged in kinky sex.

First, it is important to point out that there are issues with that have absolutely nothing to do with morality. Children of the ages mentioned would likely attempt to imitate their parents’ behavior in the outside world, so if they children see their parents having sex, it’s quite possible that they would attempt to engage in sexualized behaviors with other children. Of course, that’s an obvious problem, and is one of the reasons why simply exposing children to sexual content – in person or in media – is considered sexual abuse in some jurisdictions. That said, if this story isn’t a fiction written to get strong reactions from the masses, the parents involved could be guilty of child abuse.

On the moral issues inherent in this kind of behavior, that is between individuals and their chosen deities. While there are some faiths that do not forbid engaging children in sexual activity, that doesn’t make it right for the reasons already stated. The fact is that if these children actually do exist, they are likely going to end up with at least some mental problems in the future, including but not limited to problems building healthy intimate relationships.

As for one set of details that included talk about the parents letting the kids see the parents engage in bondage and sado-masochistic acts, that is also extremely dangerous to the mental health and well-being of children. It is difficult for some adults to process the emotions and mentality involved in these actions, and thanks to the mainstreaming of these activities lately, that confusion is arguably getting worse. In children as young as the ones in this story, it is unreasonable to think that they can comprehend the difference between abuse and “safe and consensual” sex play. Honestly, it’s not believable that the children fully comprehended the initial “lesson” on just the act of sex. If this story is accurate, and these parents actually do exist, CPS definitely needs to intervene.

From a conservative standpoint, it is tempting to rail against this concept on a purely moral basis. It is better to leave your morality at the door. The bottom line is that there is no way to defend this style of parenting, period. While it is possible that there could be a 10-year-old out there that is close to mature enough to deal with seeing a sex act in person, the familial relationship negates any positive aspects of it. Our societal norms still forbid incestuous relationships, and this is very close to crossing that line. Bluntly, it would not be inappropriate to equate it with teaching children that incest may be acceptable. It is good to have an open relationship with one’s children when it comes to discussing sex, but that should never include parents allowing children to see them engage in sexual acts. There is a reason why this has been historically depicted as a situation that has negative consequences for either just the children, or for both the children and adults involved.