Feminist of the Day

I’m not really sure what the woman in this video would think about being called a feminist. Perhaps that would annoy her, given the attitudes that have been attached to that term of late. It’s doubtful she’d want anyone to think that she would ever demand special treatment simply because she’s a woman. As the video shows, she definitely didn’t… Read more →


The Conservative Feminist Show – No True Scotsman Tallywackers

By : Moriah Jovan I could mine Jezebel for shit-tastic anti-feminism all damn day long. First up. It seems that Sony chairman* Amy Pascal’s emails were leaked with that ginormous dump of hacked Sony emails. Apparently, she is an an awful human being. Therefore, I suppose, it was right and proper for Jezebel to post her Amazon purchases of girlie… Read more →


Slutguard Not For Sale in US

But maybe it should be. No, I’m not suggesting that we have way too many sluts in the US, or anything like that. What I am suggesting is that we have gotten to the point where political correctness is killing comedy. Case in point is the following video from the land down under: Of course, Slutguard is a fictional product.… Read more →


Women Whine Over Wages

Today, the liberals are out in force crying about inequality of women in the workforce. Of course, the numbers are dubious at best, since they just dump them all together. That means that they put a cashier in WalMart on the same footing with a nuclear engineer, once they mix it all together. The point is that there are women… Read more →


Social Justice Warriors Hate Capitalism

Normally when a business doesn’t manage to make sales quotas, the discussion begins about changing marketing strategies, or wholesale changing the products offered. That’s simply not the case when it comes to the video game industry, at least when women are involved. Whether it’s pandering for inflated ratings from critics (which got this whole ball rolling), or waging war against… Read more →

Lil Shepherd (CC)

Gay Outrage Over Business

Before I started writing, or doing any other kind of work, I learned how to do what was the “family business” for several women in my family – catering. It is something that I can still do, if I would choose, if only because I still know how to cook for large groups, and remember all the recipes our family… Read more →

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Careful How You Define Flag Desecration Please

“Why is there a brown stain on this flag, Dad?” I will never forget when I asked my father that question about 30 years ago. We were cleaning out the attic, and I found a very old 48-star American Flag carefully folded, sitting on the top shelf of a cabinet. He looked at me, and at the flag I had… Read more →


The Conservative Feminist Show – MRAs and PUAs have daughters

So my (Moriah’s) head exploded this week and I’m still pissy. Even MORE pissy than usual at the Men’s Rights Movements and Pick-up Artists, whom, ConFem’s regular listeners will know, I DESPISE. Where are my radical feminist sites when I need to bathe? Are You Man Enough for the Men’s Rights Movement? I may have taken this as pure posturing… Read more →


FDA Still Ignoring Science

In the mid to late 80′s I was in high school, and headlines about AIDS, HIV, and Ryan White were talked about occasionally in the halls and classrooms. It was mostly scary, because there really wasn’t a lot of information out there, at least not for the teachers to mention. Schools were extremely cautious, taking cues from their lawyers, and… Read more →


The Conservative Feminist Show – Liz Needs the Safe Word

It had to happen sooner or later. Missy and Moriah have finally found a topic that is making Liz figure she’ll be using the “safe word”! No, there won’t be any hints here about what that is. Yes, you’ll have to tune in to find out! Join us tonight at 10pm eastern on Vigilant Liberty Radio. You know the drill… Read more →