Ban All the Kink! – The Conservative Feminist Show

Great Britain is having some issues when it comes to sex, and the people aren’t necessarily happy with what the MP’s want to do to control it. “Ban all the kink!” At least that what it seems the protesters want everyone to think about laws regarding sex on film. (Yes, we’re intentionally avoiding one word, because the interwebs are watching,… Read more →


Here is Why People Want to Ban the Word Feminist

Time magazine ended up in a little hot water over a poll that they ran earlier this month. The problem? Well, it seems that the word “feminist” crept in. Actually, it was the front-runner until it was pulled from the choices. Penny Nance, chief executive and president of Concerned Women for America, said that while the word-ban exercise was “silly,”… Read more →


Miley Cyrus could learn something from this girl

We’ve all seen viral videos of people doing spectacular things, like a young girl shocking a crowd with a phenomenal voice. One of those resurfaced not long ago on Facebook. The girl’s name is Zendee Rose Tenerefe, and that video popped up a couple years ago. In the interim, Zendee’s been very busy, and has built quite a following. One… Read more →