May 22

The Conservative Feminist Show – Sex, Drugs, & Rock’n’Roll


So I was talking to a new reader of mine last night (a libertarian, BTW) who likes badass women. Am I sensing a trend here, libertarian dudes ♥ badass women? (Heavens, I hope so.) Anyway, we were talking about feminism and romance novels again, and so now I present you Looking Through a Paradigm Darkly: Was Dominque’s rape in The Fountainhead actually rape? Why … or why not? Discuss. There will be a quiz on the show tonight.

Speaking of badass women, we have the woman who ate Chernobyl’s apples. Now, I do not know why I have an unnatural semi-obsession with Chernobyl except that it looks like a fabulous movie set (but it’s real!) (OMG!), but apparently I’m not the only one. Yeah, this chick’ll die young. So did Marie Curie, but the pioneers always take the arrows. Bad. Ass.

My inner grammar nazi and my inner artiste is going a round or two on this one. UBC student writes 52,438 word architecture dissertation with no punctuation — not everyone loved it. So here’s the deal: It’s an ARCHITECTURE dissertation. My inner artiste loves the symbolism of it, the art of it, making you look at words and dissect it, study it, work a bit at it. My inner grammar nazi is saying ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?!

Rape. Oh, rape. The word that has become commodified beyond meaning. A stolen kiss is rape. A naughty joke is rape. A rape accusation that stands unquestioned. Statement from family of Columbia student accused by mattress girl. Look, I was on this chick’s side if she really was raped and this was the only way she could get attention. But now, especially in light of the Rolling Stone story, I just can’t. This has set rape victims everywhere back by light years. I vote offering a gun and range time to every XX coed. The standard would be: If you refused a gun, you consented to sex. There. That’s your new contract.

Be prepared for Rand Paul squeal. Oh, hell, I shouldn’t even have to say that by now. Congressional leaders were blindsided by GOP opposition to renewing the Patriot Act. Ya think?

People are freaking out over this photo of a woman being walked around on a leash. Fifty Shades of Grey doesn’t look so great when you come face-to-face with the real deal, does it now? Is that a tail plug or shoes? Poseurs.

Now, look. We all know that conservatives are uptight about sex, right? Um … Well. Uptight about talking about it anyway. Libertarians not so much, I suppose. We here at the #Kinkservative show talk about it. Submit your questions to us via FB (Liz Harrison and/or Moriah Jovan) or Twitter (@GoldwaterGal and/or @MoriahJovan). We’ll answer them. We are 100% correct 100% of the time.

And this just in from Liz: “Playlist of the day is the dude that has no shame, and mostly sings about sex. Hehehehe!” Not sure how this differentiates him from rappers, but I haven’t listened yet, mostly because I’m rushing to get this up and I hate Spotify. I’ll see if I can catch him on YouTube.

Still pissy about conservatives acting like progressive statist asshats. I didn’t link anything because the list is so, so depressingly long.

Possibly on the agenda: Josh Duggar. And here I thought the few bad checks in my early 20s was going to come back to haunt me in a bad way.

Smoking Weed Can Cause Vaginal Dryness, Because “Cotton Vagina” Is A Real Thing. That is what lube is for.

Join us for sex toy roulette from Adam & Eve tonight at 10EDT on the Conservative Feminist Show here on Vigilant Liberty Radio. And chat with us!

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May 22

See that chick on a leash?


Sure, it looks odd, and there are probably at least a few mental health professionals that would say this is absolutely wrong. However, while they might want to claim this is “public humiliation,” the pictures tell a different story.

That woman is smiling. She isn’t cowering in fear of that man walking her on a leash. While most people probably won’t “get” what it’s all about, if this isn’t just a prank, that girl is probably enjoying the situation.

Fact is when it comes to submissives, they get a charge out of doing things for their dominants. There’s an endorphin-style rush, and some even get a great deal of sexual pleasure out of it. The easiest thing to compare it with is the rush that entertainers get from performing. While people in show business feed off the applause of an audience, the submissive at least feeds off the approval of the dominant. In cases like this, the woman might even get a little bit of the “buzz” performers get, too.

Personally, I wouldn’t do this, but I get where she could be coming from by doing this. I enjoy it when I make people “uncomfortable” with how I act in public. It’s a rush for me when I get glares from women watching me wait on the man I’m with at an event.

Since I’m not seeing this woman behave like she’s embarrassed, or being forced to be on a leash, I’d have to say this isn’t filed under “public humiliation.” She’s just different.

May 20

Valencia College Teaching Sex Abuse?


Valencia College in Orlando, Fla., hit the headlines because of a lawsuit that was filed on behalf of two unnamed students. The problem was with the practices in their Medical Diagnostic Sonography program that required female students to submit to transvaginal ultrasound – a procedure that includes inserting a probe into the vagina. The college remained silent on the issue of the lawsuit that was filed last week, at least until earlier this week. However, their response is less than satisfying.

“The use of volunteers – including fellow students – for medical sonography training is a nationally accepted practice.

Valencia’s sonography program has upheld the highest standards with respect to ultrasound scanning for educational purposes, including voluntary participation and professional supervision by faculty in a controlled laboratory setting.

Nonetheless, we continue to review this practice and others to ensure that they are effective and appropriate for the learning environment.”

According to allegations listed in the complaint filed in Federal Court, submitting to the testing was anything but voluntary. Students supposedly were threatened with poor grades and blacklisting in the field of medical diagnostic sonography in general. While practicing ultrasound procedures in the classroom is nationally accepted, it is not typical for students to practice transvaginal ultrasounds on each other. According to course descriptions at the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) in Pennsylvania, students do practice ultrasounds on each other, but not internally. Hands-on learning of transvaginal ultrasound procedures is apparently conducted during clinical time in a medical facility, not the classroom lab in the CCAC program. The Valencia College program requirement page is no longer available on the web as of this writing, but when it was available, did not appear to state exactly which diagnostic tests students would perform in the lab.

One part of the complaint also alleged that the plaintiffs had to be “sexually stimulated” on at least one occasion, so that the probe could be used on them. Sexual contact with patients by medical personnel in general is strictly forbidden, so this means that if this allegation is proven accurate, Valencia College will probably have bigger problems than just this single lawsuit.

In an environment where talk of rape culture is prevalent, it is difficult to think that a college or technical school would consider such an irresponsible practice. However, the lawsuit paperwork included a map of the laboratory where this allegedly occurred, which included what appeared to be a permanent work station with condoms and lubricant – items required for conducting these tests. Just having students test each other in this way, voluntarily or not, could be considered sexual abuse. Adding on the possibility that students were engaging in sexual behavior of any kind during the procedures makes that definitely the case. If these “lessons” have been ongoing for multiple terms in the past, the unfortunate fact is that Florida medical facilities may need to take a hard look at past graduates of Valencia College’s medical diagnostic sonography program working in their facilities, to ensure they are not engaging in inappropriate behaviors with patients.

May 16

The Conservative Feminist Show – Is it live or is it Memorex?



So I’m a little slow with today’s post due to various and sundry weirdness like walking through the rain and then finding out my internet was down and then seeing this:

Sandra Fluke: “I’d rather be a captive Nigerian girl than touched by a Republican” You can’t always tell it’s parody until you’re halfway through the article.

But is also pretty much sums up today’s link roundup because so far as I can tell the rest aren’t parody.

Student sues university after twice failing to pass course.

Why do people need a trigger warning for stories about swans raping girls? Hrmph. I guess when I put it that way… Classical Mythology Too Triggering for Columbia Students.

Meet the Vagina Voters. Except they really aren’t. if you vote for carly fiorina you need to reevaluate literally every single decision you’ve ever made.

Ah, sweet schadenfreude. Jezebel got trolled by Rolling Stone. See, this is why confirmation bias is bad.

I’m giving props to New Republic on this one: Life is Triggering. The best literature should be too.

And lastly, if you are a one-issue perfection conservative or libertarian or hybrid, and refuse to back a candidate because s/he is not pure: fuck you.

Tonight’s safe word is twatwafflecumberfuck because that’s my go-to safe word when I’m out of ideas.

May 8

Some Parents Should Not Teach Their Kids About Sex



The Mommy Page has a story about parents that taught their kids about sex by letting them watch. Of course, it’s likely that either this is fabricated, or at the very least, is being told with false names attached. It is difficult to wrap one’s mind around the concept that anyone would think it would be a “good” idea to let a 7 and 10 year-old watch adults have sex for any reason. It’s doubly shocking, since this particular tale offered the additional details that beyond a single incident, the parents decided to let the kids watch whenever they wanted, including when the parents engaged in kinky sex.

First, it is important to point out that there are issues with that have absolutely nothing to do with morality. Children of the ages mentioned would likely attempt to imitate their parents’ behavior in the outside world, so if they children see their parents having sex, it’s quite possible that they would attempt to engage in sexualized behaviors with other children. Of course, that’s an obvious problem, and is one of the reasons why simply exposing children to sexual content – in person or in media – is considered sexual abuse in some jurisdictions. That said, if this story isn’t a fiction written to get strong reactions from the masses, the parents involved could be guilty of child abuse.

On the moral issues inherent in this kind of behavior, that is between individuals and their chosen deities. While there are some faiths that do not forbid engaging children in sexual activity, that doesn’t make it right for the reasons already stated. The fact is that if these children actually do exist, they are likely going to end up with at least some mental problems in the future, including but not limited to problems building healthy intimate relationships.

As for one set of details that included talk about the parents letting the kids see the parents engage in bondage and sado-masochistic acts, that is also extremely dangerous to the mental health and well-being of children. It is difficult for some adults to process the emotions and mentality involved in these actions, and thanks to the mainstreaming of these activities lately, that confusion is arguably getting worse. In children as young as the ones in this story, it is unreasonable to think that they can comprehend the difference between abuse and “safe and consensual” sex play. Honestly, it’s not believable that the children fully comprehended the initial “lesson” on just the act of sex. If this story is accurate, and these parents actually do exist, CPS definitely needs to intervene.

From a conservative standpoint, it is tempting to rail against this concept on a purely moral basis. It is better to leave your morality at the door. The bottom line is that there is no way to defend this style of parenting, period. While it is possible that there could be a 10-year-old out there that is close to mature enough to deal with seeing a sex act in person, the familial relationship negates any positive aspects of it. Our societal norms still forbid incestuous relationships, and this is very close to crossing that line. Bluntly, it would not be inappropriate to equate it with teaching children that incest may be acceptable. It is good to have an open relationship with one’s children when it comes to discussing sex, but that should never include parents allowing children to see them engage in sexual acts. There is a reason why this has been historically depicted as a situation that has negative consequences for either just the children, or for both the children and adults involved.

May 8

I Watched Fifty Shades


…so you don’t have to.

If you’d like to thank me, by all means pick up a shirt or something here, or kindly become a patron of the Conservative Feminist Show.

No, I don’t tend to put out the suggestion that anyone support what I do financially like this often. In this case I am because this was a truly horrible experience for me.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do need to point out that I am a submissive – what Ana in the movie and books is theoretically trying to be. That is also why I honestly couldn’t finish reading the books, and why watching this movie was bluntly, painful.

First, I would like to point out that no one – let me repeat – NO ONE – should consider emulating this film in any way. Beyond the truly wretched nature of it in general, it is dangerous. There have been complaints from the left that “Fifty Shades of Grey” depicts abuse, and they are absolutely correct. Ana is portrayed as a doormat – not a submissive. Christian is not a dominant – he is a sadistic sociopath. Those descriptions fit for both the film and the books.

Now that I’ve clarified that, on to the film. Jamie Dornan is utterly forgettable in this film. Amusingly enough, there is talk about the studio offering him a $1.5 million bonus to go with full-frontal nudity in the next installment. Honestly, I was hoping to see more headlines about his wife not letting him do the sequel, or see that he was backing out because he honestly didn’t like doing the first one. At least I have to assume he hated it, since I do recall him mentioning something about feeling filthy after filming.

As I already mentioned, the character Ana is a doormat in the books and film. Dakota Johnson did manage to pull that off, but I wouldn’t call that praise.

The sex scenes were anything but titillating. Another BDSM related film called “Secretary” is definitely far more arousing. Amazingly enough, that was accomplished without nudity or sex. There is some of both, but the film did not rely on it as “Fifty Shades of Grey” does. In case anyone is wondering, no it isn’t a good thing if a film relies on sex scenes, and they are poorly done.

On mechanics of BDSM in general, I will refer everyone to a dominatrix for the critique. I agreed with her assessment, and can only add that Dornan absolutely was the wrong choice for Christian or any dominant. He’s not a good enough actor to make it seem like he actually likes what he is doing.

One thing I would really like to clarify here, because “Fifty Shades of Grey” is causing some major confusion when it comes to BDSM. The books and the movie are not a fair representation of that lifestyle – at all. On this point, I will quote author Michael Makai from an interview that I can’t link here, primarily because it leads to some pornographic material as well. Nature of the beast? Anyway, as Makai puts it:

It’s my belief that the most common misperception of BDSM, both in and outside of the lifestyle is the practice of confusing D/s (Domination/submission) – which is a relationship dynamic – with BDSM, which is an activity. D/s is who we are, how we feel, and where we find our ‘happy place” in our relationship dynamics. BDSM is what we do and how we do it. It’s very much analogous to the differences between love and sex. Sure, there’s a lot of overlap, as it should be, but that doesn’t make them the same thing.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” fails miserably for many reasons. The one that annoys me the most is that Ana is not a submissive. She’s just a girl that gets bullied into a twisted relationship with a sadistic sociopath. It is unrealistic from start to finish, which would be fine if this story wasn’t set in the “real” world. But, what else can someone expect from an author that started doing this as fan fiction for a story with sparkly vampires? I’ll agree with Makai on the whole book series: “The book – amateurish, unrealistic, and poorly written.”

Should go without saying, if anyone is actually interested in knowing anything real about this sort of lifestyle, don’t watch this film. Save the cash, or better yet, pick up a book by Makai.

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May 5

Feminist of the Day



I’m not really sure what the woman in this video would think about being called a feminist. Perhaps that would annoy her, given the attitudes that have been attached to that term of late. It’s doubtful she’d want anyone to think that she would ever demand special treatment simply because she’s a woman. As the video shows, she definitely didn’t do that. This woman was finishing a twelve-mile hike during medical field training at Fort Dix, NJ.

In case you can’t clearly hear the people in the background, those are her fellow soldiers calling out to encourage her to complete this test. Yes, they are men. Instead of holding her back, or suggesting that she doesn’t need to finish because she’s “just a girl,” they are crying out “You’ve got this, ma’am!” Before anyone complains about the term “ma’am,” that remains a term of respect in the military.

And yes, those men do respect her.

Rightfully so, because that woman, CPT Sarah Cudd, is what a real feminist should be. Instead of demanding special treatment, she completed the task given to her. It took everything in her to do it, but she did not quit. That 12-mile hike was an obstacle to reaching her goal, and she overcame it. Instead of suggesting that women should be given easier tasks, she finished with the men. Maybe she recognizes the fact that reducing physical requirements in the military to make it easier for women only weakens our military. Perhaps she understands that if women can’t pass certain physical tests, that really means that they shouldn’t have the job they are trying to get within the military. Or maybe she just set her personal goals, and reached them. No matter what, she is the embodiment of what feminism once was, and should be again. She is a woman that doesn’t let her gender determine her destiny, and will do whatever she can to get what she wants. She also will not insult herself by demanding that anyone give her a “pass” simply because she is a woman.

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April 24

The Conservative Feminist Show – No True Scotsman Tallywackers



By : Moriah Jovan

images.duckduckgo.comI could mine Jezebel for shit-tastic anti-feminism all damn day long.

First up. It seems that Sony chairman* Amy Pascal’s emails were leaked with that ginormous dump of hacked Sony emails. Apparently, she is an an awful human being. Therefore, I suppose, it was right and proper for Jezebel to post her Amazon purchases of girlie stuff and mock them. First up, pubic hair dye. Well, I suppose, if you’re not getting laid, pubic hair dye might seem a bit excessive. “Whu? Whu’d I need that for, dun dun dun.”

*I said “chairman” because a) it has better rhythm than “chairperson,” 2) I am ancient grammarian who generally has no issue with the “genderless he” and only notices when someone decides to use “she,” which is specific, and 3) the woman’s a badass in a male-dominated field. Is “man” a word of distinction?** I believe so. It’s nice to try to create gendered/nongendered language where there is none, but I don’t think it’ll take. That said, I DO think we need a gender-neutral non-plural. I HATE using “they” when the gender of the person is unknown. One can only use “one” so many times before it becomes tedious. Like, once.

**I’d like it if this were not so.

Aside: Dear conservatives and libertarians, STOP USING THE NO TRUE SCOTSMAN EXCUSE FOR NOT VOTING OR TAKING ACTION, you lazy fucks. (No, I have no link. There are SOOOO MANYYYYY.)

Because books don’t give you nuthin but ideas. And as we all know, ideas are dangerous.

For this week’s Girls With Guns segment, go granny go.

Black Widow is a “slut.” Male actors in superhero costumes hammered for saying this. SorryNotSorry. Film at 11. Okay, look, girls. Either you want to reclaim “slut” or you don’t, and I’m starting to think “reclaiming” any word is a manifestation of self-loathing.

And finally, Tallywackers, the female version of Hooters, coming to a (maybe gay) neighborhood soon. I’m conflicted about this. Some commenters think this is for gay men (a la Playgirl) because it’s in a gay neighborhood, and straight women need to get their noses out of men’s crotches because they’re reserved. Some commenters are like, “Wut? Straight women can’t ogle, too? Is this a gay-male-only-approved activity?” My question is: Which protected class is more protected?

We have two safe words tonight, so take your pick: bikini muff patch (thank Brian) and “purple-headed yogurt slinger” courtesy of VLR’s Krystle Schoonveld (Roundtable of Extreme Liberty).

April 20

Slutguard Not For Sale in US



But maybe it should be.

No, I’m not suggesting that we have way too many sluts in the US, or anything like that. What I am suggesting is that we have gotten to the point where political correctness is killing comedy.

Case in point is the following video from the land down under:

Of course, Slutguard is a fictional product.

Yes, the faux-product commercial above is funny. However, if any American women were foolish enough to make a video like that, they would immediately be bombarded by hate comments of every form.


How dare anyone suggest that it should be amusing to make fun of truly sluttish behavior? It is the divine right of women to have sex whenever and however they like, while simultaneously crying foul if anyone dares to point out that being promiscuous is dangerous…. or slutty.

Oh, and we mustn’t forget – it is the divine right of women to declare whether or not any sex they have is rape (and the goal is to make the legal system simply take them at their word on that, and never have to offer proof of the rapist’s guilt.) You know, we must end the “rape culture.”

Well, in case you’re wondering, that hypocrisy is not welcome here, so enjoy the Slutguard, and have a good laugh!

April 14

Women Whine Over Wages


Today, the liberals are out in force crying about inequality of women in the workforce. Of course, the numbers are dubious at best, since they just dump them all together. That means that they put a cashier in WalMart on the same footing with a nuclear engineer, once they mix it all together. The point is that there are women out there that work in positions that by their very nature offer lower wages. Even when you have a man and a woman doing the same job, it’s not necessarily appropriate to do a direct comparison. If they both put in the exact same amount of time, doing the exact same work, then we can talk – and should.

However, as it has been for years, women either gravitate toward lower paying positions, or they enjoy a certain amount of leeway that their male counterparts don’t when it comes to the length of a work day. Remember the whole juggling home, family and work thing?

But, liberals have never been known to pass up on the opportunity to get everyone ginned up about an issue that probably shouldn’t be on the table at all. So, from the inbox:


So, as I’m supposed to understand this, women should be screaming over not being paid as much as men, even if their jobs could be filled by any number of unemployed people right now. Since many of those unemployed persons have long since disappeared from the official unemployment statistics, that means they probably would be quite happy to take “any” wage at this point. That means that we can resolve the whole wage equality issue right now, by pushing the women that cry out for raises to the unemployment lines, and hiring the men that are desperate for work since they’ve been unemployed for years at a much lower rate than the women get now. Bravo! See? Who said liberals didn’t know how to resolve issues like wage equality?

Yes, that reminds me of an old song, actually:

In case you’re wondering, the song points out how “man” can be the great equalizer, by chopping everyone down. In this case? Insert “government liberals” for “man,” and that will cover it!