August 1

F**** Politics! Give Me Art!


I got into politics before I hit high school, but didn’t really get into art until I hit college. Maybe one could say my motivation at this point – my desire to shift from politics to art – is just recognition of overload, overdose, toxicity, or whatever. I’d say it might have more to do with art, than politics – even though I’ve recently been shown that Dante’s “Hell” would need at least few hundred more levels going down to really offer tortures long and vicious enough to truly fit the “crimes against humanity” committed daily by politicalfrancis_bacon_portrait_of_henrietta_moraes_d5533736h beasts. As for why it has more to do with art, I will conveniently blame this one on the uber-sensitive-but-misunderstood-camel-smoking-artist that introduced me to the tortured and arguably neurotic artwork of Francis Bacon. It intrigued me, because it was raw, made absolutely no attempts at displaying beauty in a traditional sense, and (maybe what drew my favor more than anything) even was displayed with high gloss glass in front of it. Yes, Bacon wanted people to see themselves in his art, essentially putting the observer within the disturbing views he would create.

Bacon came to mind recently for me because I have been becoming increasingly less patient with people, particularly with the amount of venom that I see being spewed daily from and in all directions. The final straw, if you will, came when I started reading through Camille Paglia’s three part interview series on Salon. It’s not that I completely agree with Paglia on much of anything, however I definitely see her as a kindred spirit, especially now. I felt her pain, primarily from her mourning the loss of critical thought, depth, basic interest in what drives the human animal, and the myriad of other “things” I had taken for granted over the years. I realized that I had been going around with blinders on for some time, assuming that as the avalanche of facile words and concepts kept moving in front of my eyes, the authors really weren’t limiting themselves to those basic thoughts. They were just doing like I have been doing for years – avoiding depth for the sake of producing easily marketable “noise.” They, like me, had been writing muzak, but at the end of the day, they must have been closing their eyes while they refreshed their minds with Chopin or Wagner, right?


It finally occurred to me, in spite of the fact that I have probably written hundreds, if not thousands, of words about the death of academic rigor, that what I have been witnessing is the collective death of intellect. Yes, I was robotically writing about the demise of critical thought, without really engaging in an honest criticism of what I was seeing. There really are no new ideas out there, at least not radically new – just generic reformations of the genius of the past. The worst part is, most people under the age of forty probably do not even know what I am talking about, because they do not recall how the world used to be.

The noise – muzak – is deafening, and all that does is remind me yet again of my time in college, when I had been likened to Milan Kundera’s “Sabina” from The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Then, I was simply pleased to be considered even slightly like an artistic and highly independent character. Of course, that assessment of “Sabina” was extremely shallow and short-sighted. Kundera wrote her as someone that was very good at putting up a front of independence and strength, but at her core, she was craving debasement and struggling with her dependence on one man she could never truly have completely. But, one part of her I did understand even then – her character was the essence of revolt against the closing and numbing of the mind by the adoption of pop culture. Kundera called it “anti-kitsch,” but whether he meant it or not, he encapsulated far more than just that in the attitude he gave her.

I admit that I had forgotten about “Sabina,” and hadn’t really thought about what she really could stand for in philosophical thought. Honestly, I left behind most philosophical thought altogether, presumably dropping it in between seat cushions of an old friend’s sofa, along with the “four wine bottle nights” of open discussions on everything and nothing. Those nights fell out of fashion with the birth of iPhones and social media, which had been sold as a way to keep those deep conversations alive even across many miles. Even worse, I started feeding the beast with nonsense for the masses, without thinking critically about what I was seeing. At first, I at least tried to keep the tenuous ties between what might seem completely divergent concepts visible in what I would write, still trying to show anyone that bothered to read what I wrote that there really is in interconnected nature to ideas. Now, I don’t tend to bother, mostly because I know that the virtual red ink of editors would tend to remove them anyway.

Now, I think it’s time for me to stop feeding the mindlessness. Yes, I will continue to write on politics, but no one should be surprised if the tenor of my words begin to take on an anti-political tone. Even though my political roots are deeper than my artistic ones, critical thought for me is attached more firmly to art, as opposed to politics. I’ve killed enough brain cells on the regurgitation of the “next big thing,” that never turns out to be more than just a blip on the collective radar anyway. I’m tired of choking on righteous indignation without being able to delve into the “why” the human animal is capable of infinite levels of depravity in spite of being faced with pure hatred for it. It isn’t fulfilling to write about the darkness of people’s souls for the sake of perverse public entertainment, while failing to explain what makes people fall into that darkness. And finally, I still believe with every ounce of my being that psychology truly is not a science, but an art – the artful examination of the infinite variety of motivations that cause each and every action made or thought of by our infinitely fallible species. So, fuck politics! Give me art! Just don’t expect to see my work in paint like Bacon. Mine will be the words he couldn’t say, so he put them on canvas.

July 29

No, Women Are Not Equal to Men in Sports – Get Over It!


Filing this one under “are they really serious?!!?”

Yes, there were complaints about the fact that the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team didn’t end up being paid anywhere near as much as the men’s team. Instead of getting into the truthfully logical reasons why there is disparity between the pay scales myself, I’m going to leave this one to Christina Hoff Sommers:

Yes, the fact is that most women athletes really cannot compete with their male counterparts, and there honestly isn’t as much interest in watching women’s sports in general. The people calling for equal pay in professional sports should be focusing their efforts on increasing popular interest in women’s sports. That’s the route to equality, if there is one.

Image: By Anthony Quintano from Hillsborough, NJ, United States [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

July 28

Microaggressions 101


Are you sexist, racist, homophobic, trans-phobic, or any other “-ist”? You think you’re not? Well, you have to watch this:

So, now that you understand microaggressions, thanks to Steven Crowder, you are ready to face the world, accepting the fact that you really are scum – at least according to the wacko women’s and gender studies academics that came up with nonsense. And why have they created this heaping pile of stinking garbage in the first place? Of course, it is a conspiracy, to make all men “beta-males” – you know, like pajama boy! In case you’re wondering, we also did check on a few things – Susan B. Anthony definitely is rolling in her grave.

July 22

Still Think That Taxpayer Dollars Do Not Pay For Abortions?


Here’s some food for thought for you from our favorite libertarian girl, Julie Borowski. No surprise, she decided to offer a few comments in the wake of the Planned Parenthood baby parts business.

Yes, this is a relatively old argument, but it definitely bears repeating. It is illogical to think that simply because Planned Parenthood says so, there are no tax dollars being spent on abortions.

However, it’s also illogical to think that the organization’s supporters will simply give up, and let that money walk out the door without a fight. So, here’s a legislative option for you to consider suggesting to your own congressperson and senators. Yes, it does require a fair amount of trust in government, so you may not like it. Since we’ve moved to primarily electronic filing for income taxes, if supporters of Planned Parenthood want to preserve their government funding, they should take that question directly to the masses. We already have the option to add a dollar to the presidential campaign fund. Why not add another checkbox for the masses? Ask the taxpayers to decide directly, and state on their tax returns whether or not they want to support abortions. Previously, I’ve said the government could use whatever portion of those taxpayers’ dollars it chooses, but that’s way too kind. No, let the taxpayers decide the amount as well. So, if Planned Parenthood thinks it has so much popular support, why don’t we make that the law of the land. The people should decide if that organization gets one red cent from them on a personal basis.

July 21

Oh the Horror of #GrowingUpAGirl


So, we’re back to hashtag trends, and this time around, it’s #GrowingUpAGirl. In case you haven’t seen it, you could take a look at a search of the trend here. Fair warning, there are piles of tweets about periods and clothing choices. This trend picked up in the U.S., UK, Canada, and parts of Europe, so if you’re looking for tweets from women in Asia or North Africa, you probably will not find them. No, there probably aren’t any tweets about living under the fear of being killed by your own family if you dared to look at a boy – forget about how short skirts may be in order to be considered decent, like in the West. Don’t expect to find tweets with tips about how to survive female genital mutilation without succumbing to blood loss or infection. Also, don’t expect to find tweets from Western women pointing out that they could have it worse, as they could be facing those problems, instead of the ones they have.

Here are few of the tweets that were out there today:

Seriously ladies, maybe you really should think about what you’re complaining about, determine whether or not it really is earth-shattering, and then speak. Also, it’s better to work to change the world than it is to complain about your lot in it.

July 11

The Conservative Feminist Show – The Good, the Bad, the Squeamish


So speaking of pirates (if you aren’t, you should be):

Key & Peele’s Pirate Chantey Sarcasm or not? Liz says it’s clearly mockery, but I can’t tell. It could be an indoctrination tool. Conversely, I could see where the occasional sensible Jezebellian would be celebrating the snark. Honestly, this is an example of that moment in time when The Onion is writing hard journalism. Dear Jezebel: How bout this for female empowerment? (Thanks to Liz for giving me the opportunity to be a capitalist pig and shameless self-promoter.)

First Tampon For Transgender Women To Hit Shelves Next Month. Dear transwomen: The only times a woman celebrates her period is the first one and the last one. On the other hand, I salute this company’s financial opportunism.

Dudes, get over it. This is a girl show and menstruation is kind of important in the big scheme of fucking. And if you have a wife, you’ve bought the stuff. If you haven’t, you’re a douchebag. (Get it?) When Does a Rubber Cup Require a Prescription? When It May Help Prevent Pregnancy And you wonder why I can’t tell if the previously linked video is sarcasm or indoctrination.

Oregon is a mass of contradictions. I just can’t figure them out. Oregon opts to dramatically expand women’s birth control access

My college sex education: In her first year, a student finds a campus obsessed with hooking up — and utterly ignorant about real relationships and their consequences In which a sorta feminist finds out sex doesn’t mean the same thing to girls as to boys. Could she be a … rape apologist?

A propos of nothing, and also is a downer: 3-year-old found dead in swing was there two days, died of dehydration and hypothermia I haz a sad. I hope this woman gets help because pushing a kid in a swing for hours is not the act of a sane woman.

Off topic: You know things are bad when you have a dream about the #WhyINeedFeminism meme and wake up pissed off and ready to go to war.

I have plenty of reasons to drool all over Rand Paul this week. I’ll spare you.

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July 10

Jezebel Doesn’t Get “Humor”


Bless their hearts, the denizens of Jezebel apparently don’t understand what humor is. That’s really not surprising, because rampant political correctness is utterly incompatible with it. Their sarcasm muscles are non-existent, so they really didn’t “get it” that comedians Key & Peele were making fun of overly PC women with their recent Pirate skit.

Jezebel is calling it a Feminist Anthem.

Of course, the intent was to point out how silly pirates would have looked if they were politically correct. But, shhhh! Don’t tell anyone over at Jezebel.

After all, they also probably think that the guys were trying to be nice, and educate men about periods with this one:

Sure, they might have offered a little useful information, but let’s be real, shall we? It all boils down to the final line: “Get your bitch some chocolate!”

July 4

The Conservative Feminist Show – Anything goes folks, really!


Yeah, it’s been a wild week.

No, there’s no telling what will be the topics of discussion tonight.

Well, there’s always a mid-stream review of the next iteration of the EVIL Fifty Shades – honestly, this might be “THE” review, since it’s that painful…. again.

No, we’re not going to talk about the same-sex marriage thing. Yes, we might talk about why someone on this show cannot come out against polygamists wanting marriage licenses next.

Then there’s always the Bitcoin for prostitution deal. Nope, can’t make this stuff up, folks!

Also, if everyone behaves, there will be a preview of an upcoming installment on #GamerGate – and this one might have everyone ready to kill the writer. Both sides, really! (Yes, it is relevant because it involves how to stop whiny leftist feminists!)

Then there’s always “tablet swimming” – yes that was just made up for tonight! What is that? Well, that’s when we pull out the handy dandy purple covered “definitely not an iPad” tablet, open up the favorite news reader, and click on the “Sex” section. In case you’re wondering, this mystical news reader goes to all the world for sex stories… no kidding! Really! And it seems to have an affinity for kinky stuff – just what we love here in #kinkservative land!

July 4

Bitcoin Is Getting Sexier


Filed under “unintended consequences,” it looks like Bitcoin is going to become the preferred currency for prostitution – at least where is concerned. Yes, thanks to Visa, MasterCard and American Express refusing to carry transactions for, Bitcoin is getting the nod.

The whole reason why the credit card companies bowed out of taking these transactions in the first place was to slow down sex trafficking. While this is arguably a good thing, as long as one is assuming that the people being trafficked were not exactly consenting, no one should be surprised at the fact that the consumers are finding another way to get the “goods.” The serious question for law enforcement that lobbied the credit card companies to stop doing the transactions is “did you really think that stopping real money from making it into the virtual world would stop virtual sales of sex?” Yes, it was absolutely predictable that would opt for the Bitcoin option.

So, back to the drawing board boys.

Otherwise, here’s hoping Bitcoin doesn’t get too much of a black eye over this one…

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May 30

Random Social Media Shot of the Day


Offered with very little comment.

Ok, yes… if these came from the same person, I would be screaming hypocrisy.

However, I will say that many times when I post something provocative on Facebook, the people that scream about the evils of sex are usually among the masses that make questionable comments on the sexy content on my timeline.

That apparently is “sexuality conservative-style.”

Yes, I know that may very well cause some people to think they might not want to follow me anymore. If the reasons for unfollowing me have to do with being prudish, or being guilty of this hypocrisy, maybe that’s for the best.

All I know is that this isn’t “atypical” in my newsfeed. I can find this sort of thing on any given day – any time of day. Food for thought?