Screw Planned Parenthood – Give Me Walgreen’s!

As feminists on the left have decided to take leave of their senses, and have started to share their abortion stories on social media with the hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion, I’ve been thinking that the entire Planned Parenthood debate has been futile. Also, given the latest development on social media, it’s...


Femen Rocks!

I’d say be afraid, but really there is no need to be. No, I’m not taking a leap to the extreme left when it comes to political philosophy. However, I am going to say that I LOVE the radical leftist organization FEMEN right now. Why? Because they did this:...


Sex-Ed, Morality, and Abuse

Generally, I don’t “do” confessional writing. However, sometimes it really needs to be done, to really drive a point home. In case anyone out there is wondering, there really is a very good reason why the leftist feminist nonsense about “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” truly does make my...


Coming Soon – The World as Lesbos!

Ok, so I’m not being fair, but I never pretended that I had to be. Radical Lesbian Feminist Julie Bindel has been making new “friends” (like the folks at Patterico.com) on the internet lately, thanks to an interview for RadFem. Like many of her ilk, Bindel’s attitude is that...


Is There a Pistol in That Pussy?

Yes, we do call things for what they are around here, even when it’s about women – doing really stupid things. Meet Ashley Cecilia Castaneda, a woman that is probably thinking twice about carrying drugs in her purse – 29.5 grams of Methamphetamine to be exact. If that wasn’t...