August 22

The Conservative Feminist Show – VLR After Dark Time!


Sure, it’s usually “VLR After Dark” around here for the Conservative Feminist Show, but tonight, we have a special guest.

Kaytlin Bailey will be in the guest chair, and well…. We’d like to say we know what will happen, but honestly, we don’t!

This summer, Bailey starred in “Cuntagious: A One Woman Show” and already hit the libertarian circuit with an NSFW interview with the folks at The Libertarian Republic. As for why she’s been getting all of this attention? Well, her humorous stories also have a bit to do with her past as a sex worker.

Yes, it is possible that there will be talk about the recent debates over Amnesty International encouraging nations to decriminalize sex work, but no we’re not going to make any promises.

Seriously, can anyone answer this one? What happens when you put a conservatarian writer that writes on politics and kink, a libertarian Mormon that writes smut, and a former sex worker who’s now a comedienne on the air together?

Yeah, you read that right.

Yes, there might be some talk about why Liz is being described as a kink writer now. We’ll see.

Guess that can mean only one thing… You just have to listen!

Join us tonight at 10pm eastern here on Vigilant Liberty Radio! Drop by the Chat to say hello!

August 21

Page v. Cruz and Religion v. Special Interests


When Ellen Page decided to ambush Ted Cruz about LGBT rights versus religious rights in America, it’s safe to assume that things did not turn out exactly how she expected. She definitely wasn’t pleased to find out that there probably is some common ground between herself and Cruz, especially where supporting regimes that carry out death penalties against gays is concerned.

While people on the right will leap to the concept of protecting religious freedoms pretty much like Cruz did, it is important to point out a serious lack of equivalency between the LGBT movement and religious organizations. The First Amendment explicitly protects the rights of U.S. citizens to practice religious faiths without interference from the government. That restriction has been pulled and stretched over the years, to the point where the boundaries of that right have been blurred, but generally not in favor of people of faith. The first stretching has occurred in expanding the meaning to include not only laws passed by Congress, but also essentially every portion of government, from the Federal down to the local level. It is not difficult to argue that this was not the intent of the founders, since at the time of the passage of the Bill of Rights, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania already was ruled by laws that were influenced by the doctrine of the Quakers. Other states also had similar laws that deferred in one way or another to doctrines of faiths that were observed by a majority of their citizens, but Pennsylvania is most important to mention here because it is where the Constitution and Bill of Rights were debated and eventually ratified. That means that Cruz was absolutely right about how this nation was founded, and the deep roots of respect for religious faith.

To be fair to Page, perhaps she would have been better off if she asked Cruz what his thoughts would be if there was an “LGBT Church” created. In all honesty, I would love to know his reply to that as well.

As for what was missing from this debate, Cruz failed to point out something very important about religion in general. The government does not force anyone to belong to a church. This is important, and it is something that is continually being lost in the shuffle thanks to activist judges ruling on the side of secular concerns, as opposed to actually following the Constitutional guarantee of protecting religious practice. People can choose to belong to a church, but they should not use the state to force churches to agree with them philosophically. If a person doesn’t agree with a given church’s doctrine, they have two choices – either find a different church, or petition the church leadership to make doctrinal changes. Neither of those options include using the state to force changes.

One other thing, which is directed at the Cruz campaign people – the senator needs some pointers on debate, particularly in his mannerisms. Someone please, break him of the habit of rolling his eyes, and using body language that shows when he is frustrated with his opponent. Thanks!

Wonder what I mean there? Watch:

August 17

Battle Lines Being Drawn on BDSM?


Yes, there has been a call for legislation to call BDSM torture, however it did not come from a lawmaker, yet. The source, Wendy Murphy, arguably is someone that is easy to ignore, since she is a “made for television” attorney that has already been caught red-handed pushing lies on-air. However, it’s fair to assume that Social Justice Warriors will be looking for their “next big issue” anytime now, since they’ve arguably come very close to emptying the “rape culture on campus” well, at least.

First, it is important to point out that Murphy was making her contentions based on the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” – something that by itself could be considered torture, but definitely not anything close to an accurate description of BDSM. There is no shortage of material on the web explaining why that is the case. While it might be tempting to jump into the problems with Murphy’s legal analysis of torture v. BDSM, it truly isn’t worth the effort. The laws she references are from the realm of international law, and California, which is referencing a law that many would argue was specifically written to force the BDSM film industry out of the state, nothing more. Like any other law that is intended to control the private actions of consenting adults, this one would also suffer from severe enforcement issues.

But, no matter what, the primary problem with Murphy’s contention is that she is trying to call something that isn’t BDSM torture, and then is claiming BDSM should be illegal. While she apparently can claim a degree in the law, she doesn’t have one in psychology (or if she does, she obviously skipped more than a few courses to get it.) If she did have a clue about psychology, then perhaps she wouldn’t be calling for laws to classify BDSM as torture in response to the “Fifty Shades” phenomenon. The fact is that people that practice BDSM appear to be more mentally balanced than the general public. While that might be news to many scientific researchers, it’s something that BDSM practitioners have probably known all along. It is amusing to see professionals in psychology try to explain why some people get sexual pleasure out of giving or receiving pain, and why that seems to make those people more balanced than most.

While it’s at least a little tempting to explain why pain can be pleasurable, it’s probably best to start with Camille Paglia’s observations on the matter:

“Sexual freedom, sexual liberation. A modern delusion. We are hierarchical animals. Sweep one hierarchy away, and another will take its place, perhaps less palatable than the first. There are hierarchies in nature and alternate hierarchies in society. In nature, brute force is the law, a survival of the fittest. In society, there are protections for the weak. Society is our frail barrier against nature. When the prestige of state and religion is low, men are free, but they find freedom intolerable and seek new ways to enslave themselves, through drugs or depression. My theory is that whenever sexual freedom is sought or achieved, sadomasochism will not be far behind. Romanticism always turns into decadence.

Nature is a hard taskmaster. It is the hammer and the anvil, crushing individuality. Perfect freedom would be to die by earth, air, water, and fire. Sex is a far darker power than feminism has admitted. Behaviorist sex therapies believe guiltless, no-fault sex is possible. But sex has always been girt round with taboo, irrespective of culture. Sex is the point of contact between man and nature, where morality and good intentions fall to primitive urges. I called it an intersection. This intersection is the uncanny crossroads of Hecate, where all things return in the night. Eroticism is a realm stalked by ghosts. It is the place beyond the pale, both cursed and enchanted.”

Paglia is right about sadomasochism being a part of the depths of human existence, not in a negative sense, but in the sense that it is at the base of human interaction. It is associated with primal behaviors, that society tries very hard to control. The reason why BDSM practitioners appear to be more balanced is because they are – they reject more of society’s false conventions for human behavior than most people, and it shows through increased mental health. Yes, society is driving itself mad, with its series of arbitrary rules that are meant to control our more basic instincts.

This “issue” about BDSM possibly being torture isn’t truthfully about sadomasochism, but it definitely is about a fear of the unknown. The attitudes of the public about this lifestyle are why researchers are not necessarily sure about what practitioners actually do and think. But, now that “Fifty Shades” is drawing some attention to the community, it’s fair to expect that they will not stand for being compared with that wretched depiction of their lifestyle. If there really is a need for a law, perhaps it should be in Hollywood – it should be illegal to make horrible films that feed the public falsehoods about real people.

As for any future attempts by SJW’s to protect the masses from the “horrors” of BDSM, it’s safe to say we’re ready for that. Don’t expect silence, and definitely expect a fight. And no, we’re not going to play by anyone’s rules except our own.

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August 14

Sex Sells – Even Unintentionally?


So, it’s not news that sex sells, even it does merit a post on the web. The double entendre is in the toolbox of every ad agency out there, including Down Under. It makes perfect sense that they’d come up with a way to work the word “bush” into an ad, right?

Cute, right?

Of course, that brought to mind another reference to a lady’s nether regions, albeit in a concert. (Not for virgin ears, so if you don’t want to hear profanity, do not play!)

Honestly? If you’re going to take the step to do an ad like that, it probably would have been better to have the woman just give a little sexy smile. Really. But, who knows? Maybe the censors Down Under weren’t game for letting the lady show a little pride in her own bush!

In case you want to hear the song that concert comment came from, here you go:

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August 13

Forgiveness Is for You


I’m just going to leave this here:

Did you watch it?

Did you listen to the words that Prince EA said?

I mean all the way through.

We are all damaged. No one is perfect. It is always best to be the better person, and forgive.

Yes, we’ve all heard those phrases before, and more likely than not, we’ve rolled our eyes.

But, think about what was said at the beginning.

If you do not forgive someone for doing wrong to you, it is impossible to move on. You will carry that person like a millstone around your neck, until you die. They could be dead, but you will still carry the weight of that grudge.

Too often we think that forgiveness is about making the person that did something wrong feel better, but it isn’t. Not when we’re talking about forgiveness among human beings. Again, as it was said in the video, forgiveness can mean never dealing with a person ever again. It is about inner-peace for ourselves, not making the people that hurt us feel better. And it definitely isn’t about saying that the wrongs are right.

It is about peace.

Photo: By Ion Chibzii from Chisinau. , Moldova. (“Findings-out of relations” (youth of 60th years).) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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August 12

Crowder Talks with Fiorina


Yes, that is a very simple headline. No, it doesn’t do it justice.

In case you’ve been under a rock somewhere, the biggest “winner” of the GOP debates last week on Fox News is arguably Carly Fiorina, in spite of what Donald Trump might say. According to Rasmussen Reports, Fiorina got the biggest bump after the debates, while Trump took the biggest losses. Yes, I did talk about that on my show here:

But, this is about Steven Crowder, and his talk with Fiorina. So, here you go:

In case you’re wondering, Fiorina definitely does have a far better answer about feminism than anyone on the left – it’s all about women being able to make their own choices in life, and actually making those choices. Most importantly, she points out the fact that the left insists on forcing women to fit their definitions, as opposed to fostering diversity and supporting all women, regardless of what their views may be. Yes, that is in direct disagreement with Hillary Clinton’s brand of feminism, and definitely is better than the misogynistic BS that Donald “I have no filters” Trump seems to enjoy saying. But, Fiorina says it best, so get back up there, and watch!

August 12

AccuWeather Proves Americans Just Have Dirty Minds


There’s no point to going on about this one, because the picture pretty much covers the situation.


Yep, that does look like a penis. Yes, the on-air news anchors couldn’t help but laugh. I’m not sure I blame them, but I’m also not sure if I could have kept a straight face on-air.

Seriously though, it does prove something that we all should know anyway – sex is never far from the adult mind. Yes, we all have a bit of the 13-year-old boy in us, that finds anything to do with sex (or farting) amusing. And yes, WGN did have a map showing something resembling female naughty bits in the past.

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August 1

F**** Politics! Give Me Art!


I got into politics before I hit high school, but didn’t really get into art until I hit college. Maybe one could say my motivation at this point – my desire to shift from politics to art – is just recognition of overload, overdose, toxicity, or whatever. I’d say it might have more to do with art, than politics – even though I’ve recently been shown that Dante’s “Hell” would need at least few hundred more levels going down to really offer tortures long and vicious enough to truly fit the “crimes against humanity” committed daily by politicalfrancis_bacon_portrait_of_henrietta_moraes_d5533736h beasts. As for why it has more to do with art, I will conveniently blame this one on the uber-sensitive-but-misunderstood-camel-smoking-artist that introduced me to the tortured and arguably neurotic artwork of Francis Bacon. It intrigued me, because it was raw, made absolutely no attempts at displaying beauty in a traditional sense, and (maybe what drew my favor more than anything) even was displayed with high gloss glass in front of it. Yes, Bacon wanted people to see themselves in his art, essentially putting the observer within the disturbing views he would create.

Bacon came to mind recently for me because I have been becoming increasingly less patient with people, particularly with the amount of venom that I see being spewed daily from and in all directions. The final straw, if you will, came when I started reading through Camille Paglia’s three part interview series on Salon. It’s not that I completely agree with Paglia on much of anything, however I definitely see her as a kindred spirit, especially now. I felt her pain, primarily from her mourning the loss of critical thought, depth, basic interest in what drives the human animal, and the myriad of other “things” I had taken for granted over the years. I realized that I had been going around with blinders on for some time, assuming that as the avalanche of facile words and concepts kept moving in front of my eyes, the authors really weren’t limiting themselves to those basic thoughts. They were just doing like I have been doing for years – avoiding depth for the sake of producing easily marketable “noise.” They, like me, had been writing muzak, but at the end of the day, they must have been closing their eyes while they refreshed their minds with Chopin or Wagner, right?


It finally occurred to me, in spite of the fact that I have probably written hundreds, if not thousands, of words about the death of academic rigor, that what I have been witnessing is the collective death of intellect. Yes, I was robotically writing about the demise of critical thought, without really engaging in an honest criticism of what I was seeing. There really are no new ideas out there, at least not radically new – just generic reformations of the genius of the past. The worst part is, most people under the age of forty probably do not even know what I am talking about, because they do not recall how the world used to be.

The noise – muzak – is deafening, and all that does is remind me yet again of my time in college, when I had been likened to Milan Kundera’s “Sabina” from The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Then, I was simply pleased to be considered even slightly like an artistic and highly independent character. Of course, that assessment of “Sabina” was extremely shallow and short-sighted. Kundera wrote her as someone that was very good at putting up a front of independence and strength, but at her core, she was craving debasement and struggling with her dependence on one man she could never truly have completely. But, one part of her I did understand even then – her character was the essence of revolt against the closing and numbing of the mind by the adoption of pop culture. Kundera called it “anti-kitsch,” but whether he meant it or not, he encapsulated far more than just that in the attitude he gave her.

I admit that I had forgotten about “Sabina,” and hadn’t really thought about what she really could stand for in philosophical thought. Honestly, I left behind most philosophical thought altogether, presumably dropping it in between seat cushions of an old friend’s sofa, along with the “four wine bottle nights” of open discussions on everything and nothing. Those nights fell out of fashion with the birth of iPhones and social media, which had been sold as a way to keep those deep conversations alive even across many miles. Even worse, I started feeding the beast with nonsense for the masses, without thinking critically about what I was seeing. At first, I at least tried to keep the tenuous ties between what might seem completely divergent concepts visible in what I would write, still trying to show anyone that bothered to read what I wrote that there really is in interconnected nature to ideas. Now, I don’t tend to bother, mostly because I know that the virtual red ink of editors would tend to remove them anyway.

Now, I think it’s time for me to stop feeding the mindlessness. Yes, I will continue to write on politics, but no one should be surprised if the tenor of my words begin to take on an anti-political tone. Even though my political roots are deeper than my artistic ones, critical thought for me is attached more firmly to art, as opposed to politics. I’ve killed enough brain cells on the regurgitation of the “next big thing,” that never turns out to be more than just a blip on the collective radar anyway. I’m tired of choking on righteous indignation without being able to delve into the “why” the human animal is capable of infinite levels of depravity in spite of being faced with pure hatred for it. It isn’t fulfilling to write about the darkness of people’s souls for the sake of perverse public entertainment, while failing to explain what makes people fall into that darkness. And finally, I still believe with every ounce of my being that psychology truly is not a science, but an art – the artful examination of the infinite variety of motivations that cause each and every action made or thought of by our infinitely fallible species. So, fuck politics! Give me art! Just don’t expect to see my work in paint like Bacon. Mine will be the words he couldn’t say, so he put them on canvas.

July 29

No, Women Are Not Equal to Men in Sports – Get Over It!


Filing this one under “are they really serious?!!?”

Yes, there were complaints about the fact that the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team didn’t end up being paid anywhere near as much as the men’s team. Instead of getting into the truthfully logical reasons why there is disparity between the pay scales myself, I’m going to leave this one to Christina Hoff Sommers:

Yes, the fact is that most women athletes really cannot compete with their male counterparts, and there honestly isn’t as much interest in watching women’s sports in general. The people calling for equal pay in professional sports should be focusing their efforts on increasing popular interest in women’s sports. That’s the route to equality, if there is one.

Image: By Anthony Quintano from Hillsborough, NJ, United States [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

July 28

Microaggressions 101


Are you sexist, racist, homophobic, trans-phobic, or any other “-ist”? You think you’re not? Well, you have to watch this:

So, now that you understand microaggressions, thanks to Steven Crowder, you are ready to face the world, accepting the fact that you really are scum – at least according to the wacko women’s and gender studies academics that came up with nonsense. And why have they created this heaping pile of stinking garbage in the first place? Of course, it is a conspiracy, to make all men “beta-males” – you know, like pajama boy! In case you’re wondering, we also did check on a few things – Susan B. Anthony definitely is rolling in her grave.